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Jeanne Kolenda

   Uncle Bruce

Granny Jeanne & Uncle Bruce Discover...



(even Orthodontists, Implant Dentists,

AND Pediatric Dentists)

EXPLOIT What Smart Consultants

Discovered To Land Dentists in 2023.

Our "MULTI-MAZE" Approach Gives You Access To

The Best Dentist Prospects With Less Work,

Less Stress and Higher ROI Than Ever Before!

Can you afford to pass this up?

Brian Anderson

"I met Jeanne in 2012 at a Local Marketing event in Las Vegas, and I was blown away at what she was accomplishing as a beginner on a local level. I've watched her grow and absolutely CRUSH it with her marketing skills. Her training courses over the years have added so much value to offline marketing. We did several courses together, and whatever she puts out, you should rest assured, it will be GOOD and bring value."


You May Be Shocked, But

The dental market is the PERFECT market for marketing agencies to prosper...since it has some of the most QUALITY prospects you'll ever meet.

Dentists are not just trying a business out...they're not only committed for right now, they're not ready to jump to something else, if their practice is floundering...

NO WAY...they MUST succeed and they know it.

But aren't all dentists already wildly successful?

Don't be fooled by those relatively prosperous dentists you see...

"Nobody understands how competitive dentistry has become. It's brutal, and getting worse. Kids coming out of dental schools are buried in debt and have to build a practice. I don't envy them..." Those are recent comments from a long-established dentist in Dallas, TX.

Yes, established dentists are doing well, often VERY well, BUT the market is being flooded with new dental grads all over.

During the 2022-23 academic year, there were 26,596 students enrolled in dental education programs, up from 26,228 the prior year. The class of 2022 had 6,745 New Graduates, up from 6,665 in 2021.

So, almost 7,000 new dentists a year and most needing to start their practice ASAP.

(Yes, some will seek employment working for other dentists, but if trends hold, most of those end up going out on their own.)

Even worse, some experts are saying trends indicate a potential surplus of dentists in the coming years!

So Dental Competition IS

Getting More & More Intense!

These new dentists usually have enormous debt and are faced with building a loyal practice...FROM SCRATCH.

And remember they spent years in college and dental school learning about dentistry, NOT marketing.

Honestly, many HATE marketing, (much like many of us hate going to the dentist!) BUT without trips to the dentist, we will probably lose our teeth...

AND, with no marketing, newer dental practices

Have Little Chance Of Success! 

...and that's where you and I come in. We can help these newer dentists break through all the competition and plant their own flag in the market.

BUT That's Not All

The same dynamic strategies we use for established dentists and newer dentists work like gangbusters for Orthodontists, Implant Dentists, and Pediatric Dentists!

In face, all three dentist niches Jeanne wanted to call,

"The Trifecta Of Teeth!"

Maybe that's too much (LOL) but we've figured out how to cover all the dental ground and...

Bring in MAJOR Fees

Every Month!

Patrick Tuttle

I create software for SEO and have hundreds of buyers and students. I've been recommending Jeanne Kolenda's training and social media expertise for many years. Her marketing chops are WAY above most, and I always know my clients will get the best of the best when Jeanne and her team are involved.  This Dental offer is the best!  Patrick Tuttle ~~ The Ranking Store

This strong demand by good dentists for marketing help, shouldn't really come as a surprise.

Many big dental marketing companies are working for the giant dental practices (and the dental chains)...That's more proof these big players wouldn't exist if dentists weren't willing to pay for help.

BUT no one is focusing on the smaller dental and specialty clinics and newer practices. There really is a goldmine here, with little competition.

What we find is most of these dentists would RATHER work with a small local agency - just like yours!


ABOUT Marketing To Dentists!

Forget all the little 'golden rules' that never seem to work...and apologizing for taking up their time.

Forget the grueling cold calling everybody says is necessary. It's not.

Forget trying to convince the most successful dentiats they need your help...

FORGET IT ALL. None of that makes an ounce of difference and never has.

You can be as nice as pie, and still never get anywhere. Sure, you can land some well-established dentists... BUT the real gold is in the newer practices and the specialty dentists.

Hey, back in the day, we absolutely believed there was a standard accepted process and focused on the big dental practices...

We thought, 'there's more money there, must be a better target?' Right? WRONG.

Here's the thing, guys: It's just not true.

The dismal results you're probably getting

from going after dentists in the past...

Are Now Solvable!

What You Get Paid Is A Function Of WHO You Speak To...Not What You Sell.

Our success comes down to 3 simple things:

1. WHO We Target.

2. HOW We Reach Out.

3. What We Offer.

And you'll be happy to know that's EXACTLY what we teach YOU. If you can copy and paste our material, and have an hour to review our training manual...


Get those 3 simple steps right and your results will go through the roof...they literally can hit the clouds and be headed for the moon...

BUT get it wrong by ignoring our hard-earned advice and you'll slog through poor results, endless frustration and maybe even give up.

And that's a real shame since, like the marathon runner only steps from the finish line, you're closer than you think to discovering how to land these 'Golden' Dental clients.

Get ready for a truly refreshing perspective on Marketing to Dentists...



Steven Lloyd

I've known Jeanne Kolenda for over 10 years. We have taught large courses together internationally like the last one we did in Barcelona, Spain. She's one of the most remarkable creative marketers that I've ever known. I would recommend her products to my close friends and family and I already have. I sent this link to my friend Allen Getta in New York and recommended that he buy this!  Steven Lloyd ~~ HeroProTools.com

NOW, you can borrow the same secrets Jeanne & I developed and are using right now!

You’re going to be given a foolproof Dental Prospecting and Marketing system that allows ANYONE to pump out attention-grabbing marketing campaigns.

...NOW you'll quickly contact prime dentists who meet our profit criterion AND...

Discover the secret combination that unlocks this special door and hands you marketing mastery...so you can finally...

grow your agency. 

Why Dental Prospects

Are Magnetically Attracted

To Our Offer!

Let's be cold hard realists for a minute.

We know dentists and clients in general only want one thing:


As long as it's legal, and hopefully moral, they're OK with it...and that's understandable. They also don't care about the details, and they definitely don't want to see the 'sausage being made,' as they say.

The reason dentists warm up to our approach is because we can bring them...

1. Predictable Results

2. Repeatable Outcomes

3. An INSANE Risk To Reward

The process we're teaching is NOT a theory - it's been proven and now is predictable so no time or money is wasted.

STOP Worrying Where

Your Next Client Is Coming From!

This fool-proof dental marketing system delivers good clients like Dominos delivers steaming hot pizzas.

But First This


Dynamic Dental Marketing definitely is NOT for all marketers...

It's NOT for marketers who want to sell poorly performing services to desperate dentists.

It's NOT for marketers who want to trick uninformed dentists into bogus offers...

It's NOT for marketers who want to sell smoke and mirrors instead of solid services...

It is ONLY for honest marketers who want quality appointments from dentists who need what you have....and for these marketers, this new dental marketing system is a like a breath of fresh air. 

After just one afternoon of reviewing this training, and once you execute our process, your business revenue can really start to grow! 

The genius of this is made even better by the evergreen nature of this that works week afer week, month after month for as long as you desire...nearly all on autopilot.

See, the key to succeeding in today’s crazy marketing consultant environment is to know how to essentially “neutralize” the competition.

Once you learn these Dynamic Dental strategies, clients get easier to win and eventually...

Can Turn Into A

Flood Of Opportunities!

Greg Viner

I purchased a course from Jeanne over ten years ago and was really impressed with it. Jeanne has a great down to earth nature that is easy to get used to. Her personal touch in her business gave me the opportunity to get to interact with her enough to become friends with her. Jeanne is a great asset to me as a friend and as a business leader. She has great integrity and deserves the great trust and admiration her clients have for her. I will continue to support Jeanne not only because I've learned so much from her about social media, but more importantly I like how she treats people.  Greg Viner~~ LocalOnlineExpert.com

When we say we train you, we're not kidding...Just take a look at some of what you'll discover:

  • The "2 Worlds of Dentistry" NO one talks about. (this will open your eyes as to who to market to most.)

  • How Uncle Bruce snuck into a Private Dentists ONLY Forum and learned what they really think of marketers - and dentists who use them.

  • What niche within a niche is mostly eager to talk to you. (and why you would be better off starting there.)

  • The dental niche that simply has no choice but to market.

  • The ONE ENTITY that is making competition much worse in dentistry ..and much better for YOU.

  • Some dentists are employees of other dentists...can they ever be a client of yours?

  • What's each patient worth to a dentist over a lifetime? The amount will surprise you.

  • There are Dental Practice Management companies...are they your competition? We explain.

  • The math computation that lets dentists know you understand their business, immediately. (We teach you these simple numbers.)

  • If dentists market their practice right, their income can exceed a medical surgeon's. (But most fall far short of that.)

  • Why targeting the RIGHT dentists solves half your problem. (Ignoring this is why consultants struggle).

  • The checklist you MUST follow so you get the right dentists...without this, you'll waste too much time.

  • If a dentist is not advertising online, they're not worth pursuing, right? (don't make this mistake.)

  • Will the dentist's website tell you much about them as a client?...what about their Facebook page? Here's the answer.

  • What if the dentist has NO online reputation - Good or Bad? (how to interpret that)

  • Can you find the Patient Intake Form online? A certain type of dentist will have this and it's a clue for you.

  • The MULTI-MAZE Strategies to reach out to dentists...even ONE strategy can bring you all you need.

  • IMPORTANT! The little known local government website that provides a daily list of new businesses.

  • Why becoming a 'dental niche specialist' changes the whole game...lets you charge MORE than competition.

  • The 'rejection proof' conversation that closes like crazy!

  • How to bypass the gatekeeper IF you choose to go direct....but you don't have to.

  • The simple way to explain yourself using Questions, NEVER a pitch. (so powerful, you must read this).

  • You will NOT repitch anyone in person or on the phone who says 'not interested'.


  • I'm just getting started with all you'll discover!

  • Big chain dental clinics like Aspen Dental can make a local marketing agency like yours a small fortune...BUT they won't be your client!

  • We designed our system to follow Dan Kennedy's advice about 'Messaging and Markets'...In just minutes, you'll see why.

  • If you use the largest professional social network we use (NOT Facebook), you may never need any other method. Period.

  • WATCH OUT! Be careful not to send too many invitations per day with this professonal social network...or you'll have problems.

  • Your "Thanks for connecting with me" email should closely follow ours, word-for-word. Not salesy, only friendly, since it works.

  • Discover our way to find New Dental Practices that have just created an LLC, Corp, Partnership … Literally within DAYS of when they signed the dotted line!

  • Access Daily Data of any New dental practice owners in MULTIPLE STATES so that your lead-stream of Most Motivated Future Clients will never run dry.

  • Automatic ‘Triggers’ that notify you instantly when ANY new business is about to have a Grand-Opening…

  • Use THIS SECRET CODE to trick Google into forking over Ready and Eager Brand New Dental Business Leads…

  • Get access to our HUGE Social Media Posts just for the Dental Industry...It would cost $1000s to create all this, and it's included at No Extra Cost.

  • We use cold email the way you take an aspirin to relieve a headache. It's pretty fast relief for landing a prospect dentist.

  • The 8-Step System we use to craft the best email possible (with the highest conversion rate)...

  • The four marketing angles that work best for specialty dentists like Orthodontists and Implant Dentists.


  • There's MORE, MUCH MORE you'll see when you get inside. This may be our most comprehensive marketing product yet...There is nothing else like this that supports the consultant AND assists Dentists today!

    This is available by Instant Download as soon as you order:

    *60 - Dentist 2.0 (Brand New) Images

    *60 - Dental Implant Images

    *60 - Orthodontic Images

    *60 - Pediatric Dentist Images

    *42 Page Training Manual For Dentists (PDF) - $67 Value

    *Report on Dental Market / Size / Dollars / Competition

    *Report on Dental Implant Market / Size / Dollars / Competition

    *Report on Orthodontic Market / Size / Dollars / Competition

    *Report on Pediatric Dental Market / Size / Dollars / Competition

    *Dental Practice Reports for the Client & Consultant

    *5 - Editable Dental Social Covers

    *5 - Editable Dental Implant Social Covers

    *5 - Editable Orthodontic Social Covers

    *5 - Editable Pediatric Dental Social Covers

    *Editable Dental Facebook Ads

    *Editable Dental Implant Facebook Ads

    *Editable Orthodontic Facebook Ads

    *Editable Pediatric Dental Facebook Ads

    *"Cold to Cozy" Email Training / With Templates

    You're getting a total value today of $1760

    Check Out These Gorgeous Social Posting Images:

    We'll say right now, you cannot put a price on this kind of marketing power directed at the lucrative Dental Market.

    Can you see why we spent so much time perfecting this and worked so hard to bring it to you? There's nothing else like it anywhere.

    This is a Startling Breakthrough So Unexpected, and so desperately needed, it can change your Local Marketing Career as soon as you get started. 

    You'll discover what it's like to be the most IN-DEMAND Marketing Consultant in town and earn fees many others only dream about.

    You'll also accomplish this in the most professional and dignified way possible.



    It's important for us to be clear about one thing...

    We want you to succeed and will do everything possible to make that happen. Of course you'll do your part, but helping consultants like you grow their marketing practice isn't just a business to us...

    Yours Truly,

    Jeanne & Bruce

    It's Our Passion.

    Jeanne and I formed this relationship years ago and while we wanted to make a good living, we also wanted to make a difference. Corny as it may sound, we still believe in extending a hand to deserving folks like you.

    Experts in the product selling arena tell us everyday we should be selling our training and software for much more. Some even call us 'nuts.' But honestly, our goal is not to make the most money, (it never was). Instead, it's to improve the most lives.

    Our daily task is to find markets that want SOLUTIONS and that make our business (and your business) easier and more profitable.

    We have always known, if we build the right solutions, the consultant market will respond.

    Tom Gaddis

    "Bruce has been a valued advisor to our company for many years. In fact some of my earliest clients came as a result of his copy and coaching. If he's involved in a product or service, you'd be wise to grab it asap..." ~Tom Gaddis From The Sharks

    Is Dynamic Dental Dollars

    For Every Consultant?


    We have to break it to you...you may not be right for this opportunity.

    Here's why: First of all it takes a certain type of person to make self-employment a success. On top of that, you have to be more determined and have a bit thicker skin than a typical salaried employee.

    We can and will give you the most tools, training and support you've ever seen. You will not be alone, that's a promise...if you think that's fair then join up now.


    Now A Question...


    What If We're Right?


    You may be sitting there wondering if this can work for you... That's understandable since everything isn't right for everybody.

    Let's say we're wrong about this in your case. What's the worst that can happen? You've invested a little time, and a few dollars, learned plenty but realized it's not a market you feel right about. That's FAR, far cheaper than any other way you can dip your toe in the water.

    BUT, What if we're right? What if this strategy is what you've been looking for? What if it ends up turning everything around for you? What will you feel like then? You'll probably feel like it was the best decision you've made in years, right?


    Limited Time Special Bonuses

    First 4 Days ONLY!

    Bonus #1. Dental Trend Reports


    *Recent Trends in the Market for Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Orthodontists, Periodontists, and Pediatric Dentists

    *Trends in Fees and Reimbursement Rates for the Most Common Procedures in Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and Oral Surgery

    *Number of Practicing Dentists per Capita in the United States Will Grow Steadily

    Bonus #2. Consultant White Board Videos - 20 Total

  •  Content Marketing Service

  •  Customer Loyalty Service

  •  Email Marketing Service

  •  Facebook Marketing Service

  •  Mobile Website Service

  •  Online Marketing Service

  •  Reputation Management Service

  • Video Marketing Service

  •  Website Design Service

  • Local Directory Listings Service

  • Local SEO Service

  • Mobile App Service

  • Paid Search Management Service

  • Press Release Service

  • Social Media Marketing Service

  • Text Message Marketing Service

  • Video Creation Service

  • Website Re-Design Service

  • New or Experienced?

    It Doesn't Matter.

    Whether you’re brand new or an experienced pro, this is a chance to not only meet, but exceed, the income goals you’ve always had.

    Now's the time to finally build a safety net underneath your business AND discover everything you need to know about the Dental niche for local consultants.

    ...This is your ONLY invitation so consider it very carefully.

    Listen closely...this is a PROVEN system...a system we've invested all year into figuring out. Now, it's ready for you to take a run with it.

    And since it has such an extremely high value... because you can use it to really kickstart your growth... and create the kind of lifestyle you've always dreamed about...you really can't afford to pass this up!


    This Is The Last Time You'll

    Get It At This Price!

    You see, we're not just teachers, we DOERS. We're disclosing EXACTLY the same process we use to attract Dentists to our agencies.

    Heck, even if we charged you $50,000 and you second-mortgaged your house, sold your car, and ate cheese sandwiches for months, it would still be a screaming bargain.

    In fact, if you don’t make back at least 10 times the tiny investment, in the next 12 months, sorry but you’re just slacking off.

    Now Relax, It Isn't Going To Cost $50,000!

    (Although maybe it should cost that much.) And you won't pay even a

    one-tenth of that ($5,000), like private coaching clients have paid us over the years.

    Not $399

    Not $299

    Not $199

    Not even $99

    We crunched the the fee all the way down to...

    an almost embarrassing $37.


    Hey, that's all you'd pay for a dinner for two at Denny's with a tip...The smallest, most undercapitalized bootstrap entrepreneur can still afford that.

    If you do what we teach... your return on investment could be 500 times the fee, the first year ALONE!

    That's right, a six figure income is within your grasp.

    You’re Running Out of Time!

    Here’s How to Avoid Missing Out...(If You Don’t Get This Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.)

    Jeanne Kolenda

       Uncle Bruce

    [Refund Policy] Due to the nature of the digital assets in this offer, there are NO REFUNDS. When you purchase, you can't exactly "give them back." And why would you, anyway?

    Also, please be advised you cannot resell the social media graphics to your clients. You do have a license to post the graphics on your client's social media and websites.

    For support contact: [email protected]

    That will take you to our Zendesk support ticket system which is monitored constantly. You can expect a reply typically on the same day.

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